Mobile Binary Options Trading on Android Interfaces is Awesome!

It would not be farfetched to say that Google’s Android OS for mobile devices pretty much rules the roost globally. At the time of writing this piece, more than three-quarters (75%) of the world’s mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, etc. ran on Android, with the remaining divided among the various other mobile OSes out there such as Apple’s iOS, Samsung’s Bada, Windows Mobile, etc. Clearly, Android is in a league of its own when it comes to mobile OSes where it is the preferred choice of customers by far, that too on a global scale.

Now, with Android having such a major presence in the market, it should not come as a surprise that when it comes to binary options brokers, they too made a major splash in offering their interfaces for the Android interfaces. Accordingly, whether it is 24Option, GlobalOption, Banc De Binary, EZTrader, AnyOption and TradeRush among many others, all have their Android offering in place whereby traders can easily trade on their Android devices with absolute aplomb.

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Is there anything amiss?

The biggest question by far on the minds of traders pertains to whether they end up missing out anything because they choose to trade on Android devices, as opposed to doing so on relatively more traditional platforms such as their Windows PCs.

Well, that’s the best part! There is really nothing amiss as such! So you will get to experience everything that you have come to experience on your PC, now on your Android device. So whether it is trading in stocks, commodities, indices or forex, you will easily be able to do so without any qualms.

Further, even within these various kinds of binary options trades, you will be able to place put or call options etc. without any challenges whatsoever.

In essence, you will be able to do everything that you could do so far on your PC, now on your Android device.

The difference lies in convenience factor

If everything else pretty much remains the same, we at often end up being asked as to what is the difference then? After all, of one can carry out the concerned trades on one’s PC, why do so on Android devices?

Well, the answer lies in convenience; more and more traders want to have the freedom to be able to trade anytime, anywhere, without machines and wires proving to be shackles of some sort. So for instance, imagine yourself being an avid golfer who gets to spend ample time each week at the golf club without fail. Now, in between teeing off on the golf course you have ample time with nothing really to do other than to fiddle around with your handheld device which happens to run on well…ANDROID!

What do you do? One option could be to while away your time say on social networks like Facebook, but a greater utilization of the time at your disposal would be trade in binary options which could of course lead you to stupendous profits!

That has really been the guiding light behind binary options brokers offering their platforms on Android devices.

Apps or Mobile Web Interfaces?

Well, binary options brokers offer an eclectic mix of both. In the case of most of the prominent brokers, you will find that they do offer dedicated apps which you can download from the Google Play Store. Yet, in some other cases, you will find that there are no apps and you will have to use the mobile interface on offer which you will open up on the browser of your Android device.

Some trade-offs

Is everything hunky-dory when it comes to trading in binary options while on the go on your Android mobile device? Well, not really. For starters, you really need to be wary of connectivity – if you lose it, you could lose out on the opportunity to indulge in some highly profitable trades. In any case, when it comes to binary options, timing is absolutely critical. So make sure that connectivity is really not an issue when it comes to trading in binary options while on the go on your Android device.

Another factor that we at would like to point out is that for some traders the small screen on Android devices – notwithstanding the fact that there are many large sized smartphones (phablets) and tablets out there – does pose a challenge. After all, they can’t see as clearly as they can in case of their laptops or desktops with big size screens.


Android is definitely the big daddy of the mobile (smartphone) and tablet space. Naturally, binary options brokers have made a beeline for the interface, to make sure that they are there where their customers are. Yes, there are some challenges such as smaller screens, but with phablets and tablets ruling the roost, there is little cause for concern, besides perhaps to make sure that as a trader, you have an Android device with an HD or High Definition screen, ideally FHD or Full HD.

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