You have every option for Mobile Trading with anyoption!

A pioneer in the field of binary options, anyoption has worked hard on providing mobile users with an interface wherein they can place their trades with utmost ease even while they are on the move. This in any case has been a long standing demand from traders who had been consistently clamoring for an interface where they could trade with absolute ease, without having to be stuck to a specific location, such as in the case of their desktops.

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Multiple Apps for Trading

As would be expected from such a reputed name in the field of binary options, anyoption offers traders with multiple platforms where they can place their trades with ease. These are in the form of apps available on Google Play store for Android users as well as on the Apple iOS app store for iPhone / iPad users. Alongside, anyoption also has an app available on BlackBerry World for BlackBerry users. That way, it has pretty much covered the entire gamut of smartphone and tablet users across devices / OSes. Not only that, all of these multiple iterations of apps on such a varied and dynamic set of platforms is offered completely free of cost – you only need to go to the relevant app store, search for the app in question, and then proceed to download and install the said application…with all of these steps barely taking a minute at best, as we at found over the course of our tests.

The very fact that anyoption offers its app on such a dynamic basis with ample choices of platforms, is by itself a clear indication of the kind of stature which anyoption has in the world of binary options. Otherwise, a lot of binary options brokers simply offer a mobile interface or version of their websites which on-the-go traders can access to trade on their mobiles or tablets. In the case of anyoption, it has clearly gone further by offering dedicated apps for a variety of platforms to the extent that it has almost the entire gamut of application platforms covered.


It is one thing to have apps on offer across multiple interfaces, and quite another to ensure that these apps work perfectly as they are intended to do. In the case of anyoption that is clearly not a concern since the extensive tests that we at undertook clearly confirmed the high quality nature of anyoption apps. In fact for the benefit of our readers, we tested all three – Android, Apple and BlackBerry apps, and each time, the experience was seamless and smooth, with no glitches whatsoever along the way.

Further, as far as the trades themselves are concerned, you will easily be able to do everything that you would like to, in order to go through with your trades. For instance, you can trade in real time, or simply 24/7, no matter where in the world you might be. Then as far as choice of assets available to trade is concerned, it is really huge to the extent that you might just end up feeling overwhelmed! Then within these asset classes such as stocks, commodities, index and forex, you will easily be able to place call or put options, directly from your smartphone or tablet – with minimum fuss, in fact no fuss at all!

The mobile interface at anyoption is offered in multiple language options. At we tested across a variety of languages and each time found that the text was easily comprehensible in the language of choice. Further, support is available 24/7 the same way it is available on the desktop interface. There is also an intuitive ‘show off’ feature where you can share the success you have attained through your trades – this is definitely a useful feature when we consider the fact that it automatically entices other traders – possibly “sitting on the fence” at the moment – to actually dive in and make the trades that they may otherwise not have gone ahead with.


In conclusion, at, we would definitely like to assert on the high quality mobile trading app that anyoption has to offer across multiple platforms. Thanks to the app, you can trade in real time from anywhere you might be, even while you are on the move. And in doing so, you have the potential to make up to 71% on each trade which undoubtedly is a hefty profit.

The app itself is really user friendly – even those who may otherwise not be so savvy with mobile apps will get a hang of the app as well as the manner in which it is to be used, within little time. Following market trends and placing wagers on binary options is really easy with the help of the app.

Finally, as far as integration with your web account is concerned, you will find that the entire experience would be absolutely seamless!

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