Mobile Trading on EZTrader is Really Easy!

As a broker for binary options, EZTrader has in any case been around for a considerable period of time. In that period, it has gone ahead and established a very strong name for itself wherein patrons look forward to trading on it, given the diverse asset classes, the unique ‘SellOption’, multiple choices for depositing funds and withdrawing earnings, and indeed the overall well ground customer support.

Under such circumstances, it is but natural that EZTrader would take special steps to ensure that when it comes to mobile traders, i.e. traders who trade on the go, they do not face any challenges whatsoever along the way. Accordingly, EZTrader offers apps for both the Android and Apple platforms wherein across these interfaces, traders having any of the devices which run on these platforms, will be able to trade with complete ease.

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Quality of the App and Overall Features

The mobile app from EZTrader is definitely good quality, in line with ones we have come to expect from binary options brokers such as 24Option or OptionFair. So if you are to look at the overall look and feel of the app in particular, you will certainly not find anything amiss. Navigation on the app is especially very easy as we at experienced over multiple instances.

In terms of investment options, you will be able to trade in all the common assets, be it stocks, commodities, forex, or indices. Using the unique ‘SellOption’ binary option type that EZTrader offers, you also have the provision to sell your binary option trade even before the actual designated expiry time, a very useful feature when you can clearly see the direction that the investment option is taking at the moment.

Overall account management as we reviewed is really easy on both the Android and iPhone apps. So no matter which aspect of your account you may try to control or navigate using the app, you will certainly not face any issues as such. Moreover, familiarization with the app and its layout will not take you too much time as we foresee…we mention this point because in the case of some apps, the whole layout can be so cumbersome that many traders find the entire exercise rather daunting that they give up after a while – not so in the case of EZTrader for sure!

In essence, EZTrader, with its mobile app, is able to tread the fine line very well, where on one hand all the features and provisions as commonly sought, are easily available, while at the same time, ease of navigation and overall usage, is made so simple that anyone – including those who may not be so net or tech savvy, can still use the app with complete ease. As a simple example, whether you are looking to place call or put options, double check if your trade has gone through with ease, or perhaps simply oversee the overall functioning of your account, you will be able to do all that and more, thanks to the mobile app that EZTrader has to offer.

Stability and Updates

When it comes to overall app quality, a common question asked is with regard to its stability as well as the frequency of updates. In this regard, we at would like to confirm with confidence that the app from EZTrader remains quite stable. And this holds true on both the Android and iPhone applications. Concerns with regard to stability are quite understandable; after all, imagine a situation where you are in the midst of a trade and lo and behold – the app crashes; you could very well lose out on what could have been a highly profitable trade for you!

As far as frequency of updates go, they too are very important, when we consider the fact that software bugs can come up with rapid frequency and unpredictability. Moreover, the Internet as a whole is full of hazards, say with regard to new viruses or other risk factors. With frequent updates, platforms like EZTrader ensure that their users have a trouble free experience while using their mobile interfaces.


EZTrader has clearly offered a mobile app that does its job with ease. In today’s day and age, such apps have taken on a whole new relevance, given the fact that we live a fast paced life where there is so much that needs to be packed into the relatively little time that we have. Under such a scenario, a well performing app as in the case of that which EZTrader has to offer sure makes life a whole lot easier.

Looking into the future, at we view mobile apps like the one from EZTrader as the future since bulk of the trades in the whole binary options space are likely to occur in an “on the go” fashion vis-à-vis stationary means such as a desktop, particularly as mobile computing capabilities improve incrementally.

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