Bits of Excellence All Over Mobile Trading at OptionBit!

While OptionBit maybe a relatively newer player in the binary options space – especially when it first started out, when there were some already well entrenched names in the entire binary options brokers space, within a very short span of time, OptionBit managed to carve out a unique name and niche for itself.

Today, OptionBit is highly regarded as one of the premier players as far as binary options brokers are concerned. Of course there are many reasons for which OptionBit garners these accolades, with the fact that it offers a staggering 91% profits on some trades as well as the fact that one can start trading on OptionBit with as little as $10 playing a major part, but as we at look closely, it is quite apparent that its initiatives on the mobile front have been a significant driver.

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Dedicated Apps for Apple and Android Interfaces

OptionBit offers dedicated apps for both Apple and Android interfaces. Not only that, these apps can easily be used on both smartphones as well as tablets. So for instance if we look at the Apple app available on the iOS / iTunes app store, it can be used with equal ease on the iPhone as well as on the iPad. Likewise, the Android app can be used across all of the wide and varied Android devices, including smartphones and tablets that run on the Android OS. This is a huge advantage considering the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, especially among the entire investor / trader community which has always been clamoring for ways and means to trade even while on the go.

It would be worthy for us at to mention that OptionBit offers these apps completely free of cost, so there is no charge associated with downloading and installing these apps on to your devices.


It is one thing to simply offer apps and quite another to ensure that they are highly capable and can perform a wide range of tasks. Accordingly, in the case of OptionBit, we find that the mobile trading apps it offers are highly capable and can genuinely perform numerous tasks on behalf of traders with immense ease.

For instance, as a trader you can easily manage your account as well as execute new trades via these apps. As far as binary options assets are concerned, you can easily trade in all the asset classes, be it stocks, commodities, indices and forex.

As far as the trades themselves are concerned, OptionBit has always had a strong reputation for immense flexibility on this front, a reputation which is strengthened on its mobile interface. Therefore, whether it is:

ü  The Touch Option, viz. the ability to predict whether an asset class will touch a particular level within a given time frame,

ü  The Range Option, viz. the ability to predict whether an asset class will lie within a certain range (or be out of that range), or

ü  The Digital Option, viz. the ability to predict whether an asset class will be above or below a particular level at expiry,

You will be able to indulge in all of these trades with equal panache when it comes to the mobile app interface from OptionBit.

Further, on the mobile interface, you will have easy access to other exciting investment options which OptionBit offers. For instance, there is the ‘Extend’ option where you can extend the time frame of a trade to cash in prospective profitability when you know that there is a significant chance of that happening on doing so. Likewise, there is also the ‘Close Now’ which is somewhat of a corollary to the ‘Extend’ option in the sense that you can close a trade in advance, prior to the actual expiry time, in order to cash in on what might seem a great opportunity to profit beforehand.

Constant Updates to Apps

A great facet of the mobile trade apps from OptionBit is that they are constantly updated, to be in sync with the latest technologies and mobile Operating Systems. These updates also reflect numerous features which are incorporated within the mobile Operating Systems themselves as well as on binary options broker platforms like OptionBit. As an example, software bugs which may creep into these apps are constantly dealt with, with the help of these updates.


There is clearly a lot which OptionBit packs into its mobile apps. Besides all of the above mentioned, there is also round the clock customer support available via the mobile interface. Then you will not face any unexpected fees, charges or commissions if you use the mobile app from OptionBit on your handheld device.

Therefore if you are looking for an apt mobile interface on which to trade in binary options while on the move, OptionBit will certainly make a very good choice.

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