OptionFair gets it right with its Mobile Trading App

There are some binary options brokers for whom it is a bit of a hit and miss as far as their mobile apps for trading in binary options are concerned but as we at mobile-brokers.com found with immense fervor, OptionFair has got things pretty much right with its apps.

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The first question which comes up is that of choice. Well, as a savvy trader in binary options, be reassured that when it comes to binary options apps, OptionFair offers the choice of both Android as well as Apple (iPhone / iPad) apps. That way, no matter which of these platforms you might be on, you will not face issues whatsoever with regard to unavailability of the app itself.

As far as BlackBerry users are concerned, there has been an app intermittently on offer, but with BlackBerry users themselves dwindling in number, you may not be very enthusiastic about the availability of this app anyway!

Downloading these apps is a breeze – you can easily do so from their respective app stores – Google Play store for Android devices and Apple iTunes app store for Apple devices. In both cases you will find that the download process will be completed really fast, with the installation done with, in a matter of seconds!

OptionFair works hard to make sure that only the latest version of its mobile app is available on these stores. That way, whenever you go ahead and choose to download the application in question, you can be assured that you will only be downloading the latest version. Not only that, you will also be prompted for upgrades, as and when they are made to the version that you have. That way in case of possible issues, such as bugs, they too are taken care of without any qualms whatsoever, particularly without your having to take special initiative for the same.


With the OptionFair app on your mobile device, you can do pretty much everything that you would otherwise do on the desktop version. As an instance, the wide array of asset classes that you see on the desktop version, remain just as extensive on the OptionFair app. So whether you are looking to trade in stocks, indices, commodities or forex, you will be able to do so with equal measure, on your desktop or on the mobile app from OptionFair.

Further, if you look at currency options for account management that too remains exemplary on the mobile app from OptionFair, with choices being USD, Euro, GBP, Ruble, as well as the Hungarian Forint.

Also with regard to the possible returns that can be made on your investments, they remain a staggering 89% on the mobile interface, the same way that they do in case of the desktop interface. So Return on Investment or RoI is another aspect which remains consistent on the mobile app that OptionFair has to offer.


A major concern with a lot of binary options traders is the security (or perhaps the lack of it) on mobile interfaces. Somehow, at least some of them feel that in the case of a mobile interface, they might be at greater risk as opposed to web interfaces on their desktops where they may have taken additional precautionary measures such as the installation of anti-virus software programs, double checking the fact that they are on secure pages (the lock icon on the browser along with “https” instead of “http” in the URL does provide reassurance).

But on mobile interfaces they are somewhat uncertain as to whether or not they have access to the same kind of security; well, we at mobile-brokers.com would like to send out absolute assurances with regard to the fact that the mobile interface on OptionFair is just as secure – there is really no cause for concern.


Is there a cost attached to the app itself, or usage of the app? This is a question which we commonly get. Well, at mobile-brokers.com, we would like to reassure you that there is really no such cost component involved. Therefore, whether it is about downloading the app or using it at any point in time, there is no specific cost element attached to doing so.


Having tested the mobile app from OptionFair at great length, we would like to state in no uncertain terms that it is a very good app that offers everything that a typical binary options trader would be looking for. Its design is really nice on both the Android as well as the Apple version, and lets you easily commence with trading in a hassle free manner.

Ultimately, all that traders want is to be able to trade easily, just about anywhere, anytime, without the shackles that come with a desktop based interface, and OptionFair very clearly offers that without breaking into a sweat!

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