You would Rush for the Mobile Trading Option on TradeRush!

Established in 2011, within a relatively short span of time, TradeRush has quickly gone on to establish itself as one of the most sought after binary options brokers out there. There are clearly a number of reasons for which TradeRush is so highly sought after. First has to be the excellent choice of trading assets on the platform – whether you are looking for commodities, stocks, indices, or forex, you will not be disappointed!

Then there is the entire possibility of earning up to 78% return on your investments, which in itself proves to be a major driver for uptake of TradeRush!

Against this backdrop, the very fact that TradeRush offers mobile platforms for trading in binary options has proven to be a crucial factor in the way in which traders have chosen TradeRush as the broker of choice for their binary trades.

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Dedicated Apps

In the case of TradeRush a major advantage is that it offers dedicated apps for both Android and Apple devices. That way, no matter whether you are on any of the phones or tablets which run on either of these interfaces, you will be able to trade seamlessly.

At what we found most encouraging about the mobile apps from TradeRush is that they allow one to do pretty much everything that would otherwise be done on the web platform. For instance, all trades can be placed with as much ease. This includes all call and put options as desired. Moreover, you can also view expired options with as much ease.

Further, all of this is offered in a really rich and dynamic interface, which remains true for both Android and Apple interfaces. There are charts galore which are vibrant and extremely informative, letting you place trades in an informed manner, without having to rely too much on guesswork. Also, the login for your mobile interface remains the same as your web one, so there is no need for you to create a separate account for the mobile interface, or to remember additional passwords.

Additional Features and Attractions

While continuing with our testing of the mobile apps offered by TradeRush for mobile trading, we at also found that the touch screen control was extremely responsive. In nearly all cases, a simple tap here or a mere swipe there, did the job with immense precision. This is definitely a big plus – you want apps in question to make full use of what may well be excellent devices in your possession; when apps themselves prove to be of very good quality, they are able to do exactly so, without any qualms.

It would also be perfunctory to mention that TradeRush constantly updates the apps that it has on offer, on both Android and Apple platforms. To give you an example, the latest iteration of its Apple app is compatible with iOS 7 which is definitely a huge advantage. That way, as a trader, you are assured of having the most stable and secure, bug free version installed on your device; when connected to Wi-Fi, most updates happen automatically, so you do not need to make any extra efforts to make sure that you have the latest version on your device.

Moreover, with regard to the latest Apple iPhone mobile app from TradeRush you will find that it now accepts 60 second trades as well, apart from the hitherto popular 90 and 120 second trades. Clearly, TradeRush has investor interest in mind since the 60 second trade offers traders with even more opportunities to capitalize on profitable trades.

A major attraction in the case of TradeRush as a whole has been the fact that it now accepts Bitcoins as trades. So when it comes to the choices that you have at your disposal for binary options trades, you can include bitcoin trades in them as well. This is definitely a big plus considering that bitcoins have become a major traction point in today’s day and age. Further, in the context of mobile trading, you will find that you can easily indulge in bitcoin trade on your handheld, be it an Android or an Apple device.


In conclusion, it has to be said that when it comes to the mobile app from TradeRush, whether for the iPhone or Android devices, there is clearly a lot which is on offer. In fact, after having looked at so many of the varied mobile apps that binary options brokers conjure up, we have to say that TradeRush has one of the best offerings overall.

After all, it scores on so many different levels – the look and feel of the app, its design, its interface, and its robustness, etc. – all speak volumes about its quality.

Oh and did we mention that there is no cost attached to the TradeRush app, i.e. you can download it for FREE from any of the app stores?

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