Mobile Binary Options Trading on Windows Phone can be just as Easy!

Given the fact that Windows Phone is nowhere near as commonplace as its more frequently sought after ‘rivals’ such as Android or iOS from Apple, it doesn’t come as a surprise that when it comes to binary options traders, many of them are concerned as to whether or not they will really be able to carry out their trades with the same kind of ease on their Windows Phone devices, as is the case with Android or Apple iOS devices. Or perhaps whether or not the experience will really be as fulfilling as is the case on the other Operating Systems.

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Well, we at have looked at the Windows Phone interface quite closely – even in its predecessor form as Windows Mobile, across so many different devices, and the consistent conclusion which we arrived at is that you as a savvy binary options trader will really not face any challenge as such. In other words, you will be able to trade in binary options on your Windows Phone device with the same ease with which you do so, on Android or Apple iOS devices.

Microsoft and its focus on Windows Phone

Windows Phone is a Mobile Operating System which Microsoft has been keenly working on. In its previous avatar, it was known as Windows Mobile. First starting off with devices like the Pocket PC from Microsoft and other PDAs which were powered by Windows Mobile, the contemporary Windows Phone is seen on a wide range of devices, including both smartphones and tablets. In particular, Nokia has consistently featured handsets running on Windows Phone, more so with its Lumia range, a trend which has only increased tremendously now, with Nokia itself being purchased by Microsoft.

In any case, having got this backdrop, which we at feel is really important, the really essential part for you to know is that when it comes to trading in binary options on Windows Phone interfaces, you will really not face any hitch.

Apps versus Direct Access

As you would probably be aware, apps for Windows Phone are relatively limited when compared with Android or iOS. Therefore there is a good chance that you may not find your favorite broker on the Windows Phone app store. At the same time, with Windows Phone gaining traction, there is a good chance that you could find some of the brokers offering dedicated apps for Windows Phone as well, especially the big names such as 24Option, Anyoption, TradeRush, EZTrader, Banc de Binary, and Optionbit among others.

Also be aware that even if there aren’t any apps from some these brokers now or in recent times, as Windows Phone gains more traction in the market – which in many ways is inevitable, given the slew of devices it is likely to offer in times to come, you will certainly have apps for the same from brokers as well.

No limitations whatsoever

A major concern which persists is that in some way or the other, there might be some kind of limitation when it comes to trading in binary options on Windows Phone. Well, that is really not the case – we at have double checked that and you will easily be able to trade in stocks, indices, commodities or forex – as per your preference, while also being able to place wagers such as call or put, etc.


The Nokia Lumia range is coming out with various devices, including ones with large screens that run on Windows Phone. Alongside there are tablets such as Microsoft Surface which also happen to run Windows Phone. There are other devices as well, such as ones from HTC which run on Windows Phone. These are all instances where screen size is big and pixel density is very good. As a result, the accessibility, the screen view, etc. will really be very good. Therefore if accessibility is a concern, we would definitely recommend that you look at such devices.

That way you will be able to place your wagers with greater comfort and confidence, being able to see the trades that you are looking to indulge in, with immense ease.

Some points to keep in mind

Remember, just as in the case of Android or iPhone or any other mobile devices, you will need to rely on your connectivity. Bear in mind that when it comes to binary options, timing is perhaps one of the most important factors. Therefore, before you even get down to trading on your Windows Phone, make sure that you are well connected, and there are unlikely chances of your facing issues with the same.

Also check for battery backup, with provision for you to charge your device in case you fall short on battery charge on it.


Windows Phone is witnessing gradual increase in patronage. As a result, there are many traders out there who are likely to have a device running on Windows Phone. At our end, we at have checked various factors and always come up trumps as far as trading in binary options on a Windows Phone interface is concerned!

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